Sitemap - 2020 - What You Need to Know

Star Trek's Scotty's Ashes Brought to ISS?

Ring in the New Year With Laughter!

Kazakhstan Man Spends Christmas Alone Because His Sex Doll Broke?

Biden Thanked Trump For Vaccine?!

China Using Flamethrower Drones to Destroy Wasp Nests?

A Man Wielded a Chainsaw to Steal McDonald's Food?!

Twitch Bans "Simp" and "Virgin"?!

Christopher Walken Has Never Emailed or Text Messaged?

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Rudy Giuliani is Hawking Cigars and Gold Coins?!

Trump Rebooting "The Apprentice"?

Undercover Santa and Elf Snag Perps?!

UFC's Mackenzie Dern Says Baby Made Her Better Fighter?!

Disney Announces Tons of New Star Wars Movies and Shows!

Elon Musk's SpaceX Starship Rocket Exploded?

Have Yourself a Chuckle with These Comedy Videos

Fox News Launching a Weather Service?

Darth Vader's Helmet Stolen?

Elon Musk Moving to Texas and Starting a Tequila Company?

North Korean Gymnast Escapes by Vaulting Over Border?!

Two Free Comedy Specials, and More!

Rudy Giuliani Rips Huge Fart During Hearing?!

Bill Barr Says No Election Fraud, Trump Pissed Off!

Elon Musk Stole the Monolith?

Kazakhstan Bodybuilder Marries his Sex Doll?

Darth Vader Died?

Biden Twisted His Ankle Playing with Dog?

My 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

#DiaperDon Hashtag Goes Viral

Clooney Gave 14 Friends $1 Million Each?

The Pope Liked an Instagram Model's Butt Photo?

Waffle House Releases Bacon-Infused Beer!

Give Thanks for Humor! (4 Free Comedy Videos)

Alec Baldwin: Trump Should Be Buried in a Nazi Graveyard!

Rush Limbaugh Caller Breaks Down in Tears About Trump's Defeat!

Avatar 2: Kate Winslet Breaks Tom Cruise's Record?

SpaceX Does First Commercial "Taxi" Trip to ISS?

Daredevil Hangs Naked from a Crane?

Marco Rubio Becoming a Democrat?

Watch Jenny Zigrino's Full Special for Free.

Trump Tells Staff to Prepare for a Second Term!

Walmart Laying off Robots?

Putin Has Parkinsons?

US Government Seized $1B in Bitcoin from Silk Road?

Dogs Returning to the White House!?

4 Great Comedy Videos to Watch Today

Mayor Tells Trump: Put Your Big Boy Pants On!

UK Police Will Break Up Family Christmas Gatherings?

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost Tied the Knot?

Disney Researchers Created a Nightmarish Robot?

Election Fatigue? Here's the Antidote. (4 Stand-up Videos)

Dominatrix Made Clients Vote For Biden? Let's Talk About Politics!

My Interview With Amy Coney Barrett's Husband

A Cat Dragged in a Two-Headed Snake?

Tesla Beta Testing Begins for Full Self-Driving?

Miley Cyrus Working on a Metallica Covers Album?

Jared's Secret Santa Plan! (And more POLITICS news)

Democracy's Last Chance, the Borat Sequel, and SNL videos!

Bibi Threw Shade At the President! (And More TRUMP News)

Guy Invents Working Lightsaber? Let's Talk About International News! (5 News Jokes)

A Girl Looks Exactly Like Pennywise? Let's Talk About Random New Stories! (4 Jokes)

Kamala Harris Admits She Saw The Fly? Let's Talk About Politics! (6 News Jokes)

Undecided Voter Swayed by Nude Celebrity PSA? (My Exclusive Interview!)

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Beer Made With Buffalo Hot Sauce? Let's Talk About US News! (6 News Jokes)

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"Game of Thrones" COVID Fraud? Let's Talk About Weird Stories From the News! (5 News Jokes)

Dogs Deployed to Combat Through VR? Let's Talk About Animals! (5 News Jokes)

No Hugging Santa This Year? Let's Talk About Stories from Across America! (6 News Jokes)

Elon Musk Refusing to Take Vaccine? Let's Talk About Technology! (5 News Jokes)

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Trump's Aborted Superman T-Shirt Reveal? Let's talk politics! (8 News Jokes)

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A Toilet for Space? The Weirdest News of the Week! (4 Jokes)

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Let's Talk About Trump's Health (5 News Jokes)

Comedy is the Ultimate Pandemic Antidote (4 Free Videos)

Trump Loves the Proud Boys? Let's Talk About the Debate! (4 News Jokes)

Dogs Testing for Coronavirus? Let's Talk Science! (6 News Jokes)

Vaccine Made from Shark Livers? Let's Talk Coronavirus! (6 News Jokes)

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Qantas' Sold-Out Flight to Nowhere (feat. Matthew Broussard!)

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