Daredevil Hangs Naked from a Crane?

(And More WEIRD News Jokes)

In Georgia, police say a woman posed as an FBI agent to get free food from Chick-fil-A. Apparently she told them FBI stood for Fried Bird Investigator and employees were like "Okay".

Here's a cute story. A 10-year-old boy has become the youngest to kayak the Grand Canyon. Asked if he's proud of the achievement, the kid said "Whatever, do I get a PS5 now?"

In Texas, there might as well not be a pandemic, because the largest indoor water park has opened its doors. From what I hear, the most popular attraction is the third wave pool. However, problems are already developing due to guests refusing to wear their snorkel masks.

You gotta see this one to believe it. In Delaware, someone caught a photo of an eel bursting out of a flying heron’s stomach, "Alien"-style. My sources tell me the photographer later sold the photo to "Ripley's Believe It Or Not." And for those of you who want to learn more about 3-foot-long terrifying, slithering, eel-like appendages, you can always check out my OnlyFans page.

In Louisiana, where official COVID-19 restrictions have just been relaxed, hundreds of "swingers" are gathering for the Naughty in Nawlins convention. Medical experts warn it could be a super-leg-spreading event.

Finally, In Spain, a daredevil made headlines by hanging naked from a 600-ft crane with no rope. Observers say the entire city could see his Barcebona.