Marco Rubio Becoming a Democrat?

(And More POLITICS News Jokes)

This one makes me smile. Electoral map man Steve Kornacki left such an impression on the country, Gap Khakis like the ones he wore on TV are selling like hotcakes. Fun fact: for an extra $10, you can get the electoral map embroidered onto the butt pockets.

Here's a bit of trivia I learned today: Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris once dated talk show host Montel Williams. Weird, right? But even stranger-- I found out Joe Biden was once engaged to Martha Washington.

In a recent interview, Marco Rubio said the Republican party must rebrand as a party of "multiethnic, multiracial, working-class" voters. He continued, "and maybe we can change the name, how do you guys like... 'Democrats'?" Oh, I'm getting an update: the Republican party has deported Senator Rubio.

Finally, in Japan, a small-town mayor named "Jo Baiden" has become an online sensation due to... obvious reasons. It's especially amusing because his vice mayor is a woman named Katana Harris. "I'm speaking."