Avatar 2: Kate Winslet Breaks Tom Cruise's Record?

(And More CELEBRITY News)

Elon Musk tested positive twice and negative twice for Coronavirus, all on the same day. Experts suspect it's because they tested him first from his human nostril and the second time from his robot nostril. We may never know because, like the Cybertruck, the final test results are expected never to arrive.

Here's a fun one. A new interview with Larry David's daughter Cazzie revealed that when she broke up with Pete Davidson and couldn't stop crying, Larry told her "Cazzie, come on! Your ancestors survived the holocaust!", which is a very Larry David thing to say. The breakup was hard on fans, who were looking forward to a Davidson having a David son.

Here's something amazing. Kate Winslet has broken Tom Cruise's record by holding her breath underwater for 7 minutes for a scene in the "Avatar" sequel. Apparently the first two minutes were for shooting the scene, the rest was while she was looking for the remains of Jack Dawson.

Finally, despite filming only a few days before being let go, disgraced actor Johnny Depp will receive at least $10 million for "Fantastic Beasts 3". Psssh. Dumbasses. I would have done it for 8 million.