Give Thanks for Humor! (4 Free Comedy Videos)

Eddie Della Siepe, Rachel Feinstein, Key & Peele, and Chappelle’s Show

Happy Thanksgiving! Personally, I’m thankful for you guys who actually read this thing. Now that the holidays are upon us, time seems to move more quickly, doesn’t it? There are 56 days until Biden’s inauguration.

Warm-up to laugh by checking out my recent joke-recaps about technology, celebrities, and politics.

And now, here are the funniest things I watched this week, for you to enjoy:

  1. Comedian and podcaster (“For Fact’s Sake” podcast) Eddie Della Siepe just released his latest comedy special / album where he talks about his parents, dating, sex and his transition from being a single guy to boyfriend:

  1. Rachel Feinstein would not want to date the sort of sensitive guy that women end up with in movies:

  2. Comedy Central has released a compilation of Key & Peele sketches about the 80s:

  1. And they’ve also just put out a second compilation of Chappelle’s Show sketches about movies:

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