Watch Jenny Zigrino's Full Special for Free.

Also: Brent Morin, Ron Funches, and Nikki Glaser

Hello friends! I’m bringing countdowns back, whether they’re sexy or not: there are 8 days until Thanksgiving, 62 until Biden’s inauguration.

First, do yourself a favor and check out my latest joke-recaps on the latest Trump, science, and weird news of the week.

And now check out the latest jumble of comedy videos I’ve gathered for ya:

  1. Comedy Central keeps dropping full specials you can watch for free! Jenny Zigrino talks about being a role model for her younger sister, describes life as a plus-size woman in L.A. and explains how parties change in your thirties. (Contains strong language):

  1. Brent Morin explains why he isn’t cool and recalls tripping over his words in an exchange he had with Bradley Cooper:

  1. Ron Funches describes how his son attacks piñatas, shares his feelings about coffee and explains why conspiracy theories make sense. (Contains strong language):

  1. Nikki Glaser admits she’s hiding something from her boyfriend and educates the audience on fingering (NSFW):

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